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Daycare Tuition Fees in Overland Park: A Parent's Guide to Costs

Choosing the right daycare for your child in Overland Park involves several considerations, with tuition costs being a crucial factor.

Navigate the Costs of Daycare with Confidence

This guide provides detailed information to help parents understand the full scope of expenses associated with daycare services.

Daycare costs can vary significantly depending on the age of the child and the type of program. On average, parents in Overland Park can expect monthly costs as follows:

  • Infants: $1,600

  • Toddlers: $1,400

  • Preschoolers: $1,350


These figures are based on comprehensive care programs that include educational activities, meals, and extended care options. Our rates are competitive with local and national averages, ensuring that your child receives quality care without unnecessary financial burden.

Our daycare offers structured tuition plans based on the child's age and specific program requirements:

Age Group              Weekly Rate    Monthly Rate

Infants                        $385                $1,540

Toddlers                     $340                $1,360

Pre-K                         $325                 $1,300

60 Month+               $280                $1,120

Application fee (one time) $100

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